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Welcome to the Salesforce section of my portfolio! I currently work as a dedicated UX Design Lead at Salesforce Service Cloud. My focus revolves around enhancing agent experiences and refining setup and enablement functionalities.

Outside of my core work area, I have also been involved in establishing and running the Salesforce Setup Design Council. This group’s goal is to break down siloed thinking, streamlining and standardizing the setup experience for administrators, resulting in a more intuitive interface.

My journey at Salesforce encompasses significant contributions in many parts of the product like the Einstein Bot Builder, Slack (Bots integration), and Service Cloud Agent Console. I’ve taken the lead in designing projects like the Einstein Bot Intent Training Tool, dedicated to refining dialogues, eradicating ambiguity, and enhancing the AI model.

Salesforce Intent Recommendations Tool

Problem Statement:

The Salesforce bot, powered by trainable language models, faced a recurring issue where it struggled to differentiate between similar intents. This often resulted in the bot either producing errors or persistently asking users for clarifications, leading to frustration and abandonment of the experience. Our objective was to refine the bot’s understanding by minimizing ambiguous intents, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Approach and Process:

Approach and Process:

Our project embarked on a journey to refine bot interactions by closely examining the intricacies of bot conversations. Through data analytics, we identified patterns of confusion and misinterpretations, which were initially visualized in a basic format. These early visualizations, while crude, laid the groundwork for a more sophisticated tool aimed at empowering administrators. The focus was on enhancing these visualizations to represent complex data points related to each utterance in a more accessible and intuitive manner. This required a thoughtful approach to design, where clarity and user-friendliness were paramount.

The refinement process involved:

  • Iterative Design: We adopted an iterative design process, allowing us to rapidly prototype, test, and refine our visualizations based on administrator feedback. This approach ensured that the tool evolved in direct response to user needs.
  • Simplification of Data Presentation: A key challenge was simplifying the presentation of complex data. We worked on distilling essential information into easily digestible visuals that administrators could quickly interpret and act upon.
  • User-Centered Design: Keeping the administrators at the heart of the design process, we ensured that the tool not only solved their technical needs but also offered a seamless and engaging user experience.


The outcome of our efforts was the development of a comprehensive tool designed to enhance administrators’ capabilities in managing the bot’s language model. This tool builds upon our initial visualizations, incorporating advanced features that allow for an in-depth exploration of intents. Administrators can now effortlessly identify, analyze, and act upon ambiguous intents, thanks to an intuitive interface that facilitates the peeling back of layers in the bot’s understanding of user utterances.

My Involvement:

  • User Research: Conducted interviews and surveys with administrators to understand their challenges and needs.
  • Prototyping: Developed prototypes to explore different ways of visualizing data and presenting it to users.
  • Usability Testing: Facilitated testing sessions to gather feedback on prototypes, focusing on the tool’s usability and effectiveness in identifying ambiguous intents.
  • Visual Design: Led the visual design efforts to create a clear, intuitive interface that simplifies complex information.
  • Collaboration: Worked closely with data scientists and product managers to ensure the tool met both technical requirements and user expectations.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into this project or have any specific questions, I’d be delighted to provide further insights and discuss its details. Please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Einstein Bots Modularity

The Einstein Bot Modular Templates revolutionized bot development by offering a streamlined approach. Prior to this tool admins had to create each dialog and action routing multiple times for multiple bots. This tool simplifies the repetitive tasks involved in bot creation by providing pre-built templates and components to administrators. This transforms the traditional bot-building process.

As the lead on the project, I was tasked with developing a user-friendly setup process, enabling administrators to effortlessly integrate new components into their bots and also create a reusable library of templates for others to leverage. This has notably accelerated bot development, freeing up administrators to focus on bot utilization rather than the building process, ultimately saving time and resources.

Contact me to learn more about this project.

Design At Salesforce

Working at Salesforce has been a great experience for me. I’ve had the chance to work with a talented team of designers who are passionate about what they do. At Salesforce, designers don’t just make things look good; they also play a key role in leading teams and working with business partners.

During my time here, I’ve really improved my skills. I’m better at explaining my design choices and telling stories. I’ve also learned a lot from participating in workshops and collaborative sessions. Even though I don’t have a managerial title, I’ve had the chance to lead. For example, I now run a monthly meeting focused on improving collaboration and making Salesforce Setup easier to use.

I’m thankful for the opportunities Salesforce has given me to grow.  I’m excited about the possibility of taking on more of a leadership role while still helping shape our products.

Next Academy



Next Academy is a nonprofit I established this year. Our mission is straightforward: to offer children on the west side of Indianapolis diverse opportunities for personal growth and success through programs in sports, arts, entrepreneurship, and coding. We aim to empower youth and foster positive change within our community.

Growing up, I nearly missed out on accessing top-level travel soccer because the local program disbanded. This experience prompted me to experience firsthand the challenges many kids face due to the lack of accessible and affordable programs. Fortunately, I found an opportunity in a neighboring town and eventually caught the eye of Notre Dame through my performances, altering my life trajectory significantly.

Observing the persistent lack of change in access to sports programs, particularly in soccer, upon my return, I resolved to make a change. This motivation birthed Next 11 Academy, our flagship soccer program. Our primary aim was to create a local entry point for kids to engage in travel-level soccer without the barriers of leaving their communities or facing exorbitant costs. To ensure inclusivity, we offer scholarships and maintain the lowest fees possible. Instead of relying solely on parental contributions, we actively pursue grants, corporate sponsorships, and fundraising efforts to subsidize player fees. 

This fall, we successfully hosted three teams comprising 50 kids from diverse backgrounds. Looking ahead, we’re eager to launch our Urban Gardening and STEAM programs in the coming Spring. While I’m proud of our achievements, there’s much more ahead on our journey toward ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all.

In Partnership with Lauren & Jrue Holiday

In this project, I have the privilege of collaborating with Lauren Holiday, a World Cup winner and inductee of the US Soccer Hall of Fame, and her husband, Jrue Holiday, an NBA Champion and All-Star. Lauren and I have a shared history, having grown up playing on the same fields, and we both understand the challenges of limited access in sports. Lauren is deeply committed to our mission and plays a crucial role in this initiative. Both Lauren and Jrue are recognized philanthropists, recently acknowledged by ESPN for their significant contributions in supporting minority business owners.

Starting this project has been a significant learning experience for me. In my role as a leader, I’ve experienced substantial personal growth within a short span. I’m confident that our organization will continue to expand and achieve the ambitious goals we’ve set. If you’re keen on discovering more, visit our website and consider signing up for our subscriber list to stay updated on our progress.




DeliverEnd, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a tech startup focused on last-mile delivery solutions. Initially conceived as a means to mitigate the risks associated with in-person transactions on social marketplaces, the company aimed to provide a secure platform for users. I enthusiastically aligned myself with their mission, deeply believing in the significance of their goals, particularly amidst the early stages of the pandemic.

Joining DeliverEnd as the Head of Design, I was charged with designing for the Android and iOS products. Our other core objective revolved around establishing a B2B delivery portal tailored to meet the burgeoning demand for delivery services, catering to various industries including businesses and hospitals.

Although I really enjoyed the startup’s vibrant environment, an extraordinary opportunity arose at Salesforce, specifically within the Salesforce Einstein Bot Builder team.

B2B Delivery Portal

During my time at DeliverEnd, I significantly contributed to the development and launch of a B2B delivery portal and played a key role in shaping the new mobile app. Recognizing the increased demand for local delivery and courier services during the pandemic, we adapted our platform to meet these needs. This involved creating a web portal that allowed businesses to easily place orders for deliveries, ensuring that all necessary details were captured to assign the appropriate driver.

My experience at DeliverEnd was a testament to the dynamic and forward-thinking environment of the startup world, where I could actively engage in creating and implementing novel solutions to real-world challenges.

Sample DeliverEnd Work

One of the aspects I valued most at DeliverEnd was the company’s openness to innovation. For instance, I designed a concept to address a common issue faced by our drivers: handling loads that were either too large or required more manpower than available. In my proposal we would implement AI technology to scan and estimate the size and weight of objects, we would be able to provide more accurate load assessments. This innovation not only improved our service efficiency but also ensured a better match between drivers and delivery loads.

Angie’s List: Part 2

Angie's List : Part 2


In my previous role at ANGI Homeservices, I had the privilege of leading a team of skilled UI/UX designers specializing in digital product design. Throughout my tenure, which spanned over two years, I was entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing all design-related aspects at Angie’s List. This encompassed a range of duties, including recruiting and assembling a proficient team of designers, establishing and implementing a structured design workflow, and ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations within the design organization.

Collaborating closely with research and product leadership teams, I played a pivotal role in shaping and refining the experience strategy for our digital products. This involved identifying user needs, analyzing market trends, and translating insights into actionable design decisions. Additionally, I maintained active involvement in major projects as an individual contributor, contributing my expertise to ensure the successful execution of key initiatives.

Overall, my experience at ANGI Homeservices provided me with invaluable opportunities to hone my leadership skills, deepen my understanding of design principles, and make meaningful contributions to the organization’s success.

Key Projects:
Angie’s List Cornerstone Design System:
At Angie’s List, one of my standout projects was the development of the Cornerstone design system. This initiative aimed to bring consistency to our product by introducing standardized visualization components paired with code snippets. Our team ensured its accessibility across the board, establishing a new visual language for all Angie’s List products.

Angie’s List Camera for Consumer Mobile App:
I played a crucial role in designing the Angie’s List camera feature for the mobile app. This feature enabled users to capture project photos, edit them, and preprocess before sharing them in contractor portfolios.

Angie’s Homepage Redesigns:
Another significant contribution was leading multiple redesigns of the Angie’s List homepage. These efforts were focused on engaging users at the top of our funnel, often influenced by SEO goals. Through strategic changes, I successfully increased click-through rates, enhancing user interaction with the platform.

Aprimo Marketing Operations

Aprimo Marketing Operations


In my role as a Senior UX Designer at Aprimo, I collaborated closely with the Product team, following an Agile/Scrum methodology to develop designs that were both visually appealing and user-friendly. My responsibilities included creating wireframes and mock-ups that adhered to our brand’s visual and textual guidelines. I also established and documented design standards for our products. Additionally, I created interactive HTML prototypes and click-through presentations for client demonstrations, as required.

Aprimo had recently been divested from another company, Teradata, and was in need of a complete rebrand. I was able to usher in a new era at Aprimo. The team embarked on big, bold projects such as reorganizing the global navigation and information architecture. This was a growing period for Aprimo, one I was happy to be a part of.

Aprimo specialized in providing top-tier marketing operations solutions, empowering marketers to excel in their field. As a leader in this category, Aprimo offered tools that effectively managed the core aspects of marketing: planning, budgeting, content creation, distribution, and performance analysis. The comprehensive suite offered by Aprimo enhanced the efficiency, accountability, and value of marketing investments.

During my time at Aprimo, I honed my skills in integrating motion into design, significantly enhancing the presentation of concepts to our executives. The ability to demonstrate high-fidelity prototypes that closely mimicked the functionality of the final product proved to be a valuable asset in effectively conveying our ideas. 

A notable project involved the development of a budget widget card designed for dashboard integration. Faced with spatial limitations, my focus was on innovating ways to seamlessly transition users between various data points within the constrained area. This initiative was among several concepts I explored to optimize user experience in a compact interface.

Angie’s List: Part 1

Angie's List


I’ve had two periods of employment at Angie’s List. During my initial tenure, I delved into UX design for the first time. Combining my background in Industrial design with a keen interest in technology and visual design, I honed my skills in user-driven design. The mobile space particularly intrigued me during this phase.

Collaborating with a cross-functional team, I contributed to the design of various Angie’s List mobile products. Notably, I spearheaded the design of the first comprehensive Angie’s List service provider mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. This app empowered contractors to manage their jobs efficiently and gather valuable reviews.

Throughout my first stint at Angie’s List, I juggled multiple projects simultaneously, spanning desktop and mobile platforms. Despite changing priorities, I maintained a strong sense of accountability and consistently met deadlines.

Angie’s List Business Center App (2015)

Indiana Pacers & Fever Basketball

Indiana Pacers & Fever Basketball


Indiana Pacers (NBA)

Indiana Pacer NBA

I was fortunate to secure an exceptional job straight out of college, working for the NBA with the Indiana Pacers and Fever. My responsibilities included daily maintenance and content planning for and

During my tenure, I designed and developed various microsites and landing pages. I also innovated strategies to boost ticket sales, enhance website traffic, and expand the Pacers’ database. Additionally, I oversaw the recruitment, training, and management of a team comprising 3-4 interns per semester, ensuring comprehensive game day coverage for both the Pacers and Fever.

Indiana Fever

In 2012, I had the privilege of being part of the Indiana Fever, which clinched the WNBA Championship—a moment I proudly commemorate with the championship ring I received. Juggling responsibilities between the Indiana Pacers and Fever, I actively contributed to covering the Fever’s remarkable victory. Witnessing the hardworking women of the team succeed and filling the arena was personally rewarding, as they often didn’t receive the deserved recognition. If you haven’t attended a WNBA game, you’ve yet to experience the energy and talent it offers.

Motion Design

Motion Design


Motion in design is powerful. It adds another dimension to the solutions we can create. I’ve always been a fan of prototyping in high fidelity. With the tools at my disposal today (Flinto), I’m able to make a hyper-realistic version of my designs that can be tested. These prototypes make it far easier to explain a design than trying to verbalize how users would interact with it.

Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding


In my spare time, I enjoy helping startups and small businesses establish their brands and digital presence.

When I design logos I am able to explore typography and flex my creativity.  I’m always happy when I see a logo I’ve created used throughout an organization.

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