Workflow & Tools


Empathy with the user is key to user-centered design. There are many methods to gain insights and identify pain points from users. I like to take a fast, low-cost, gorilla approach to user research. Simple user interviews, unmoderated testing, and website data can yield amazing insights.


The Interaction design phase of any project is always exciting. It’s when I take all the insights gained from studying users and formulate or flow that will solve the problem. I spend a lot of time sketching and working at the whiteboard during this phase. This is also a time when I like to facilitate group brainstorming activities between a cross-functional group.

Visual Design

As a visual designer, I have always been a fan of clean minimal design. In the past, I relied heavily on Sketch but I’ve recently become a Figma convert and I don’t think I’m going back. Its speed and useful plugins make it my go-to tool these days.

Aesthetically, I have been a fan of flat and almost flat design long before it was cool. I think motion is the secret sauce that brings simple designs to life. I’ve really been into high-fidelity prototyping with Figma. The possibilities are limitless.


I love to incorporated the use of prototyping in my workflow. It’s frustrating when you have to create massive deliverables explaining things I could just show. Flinto and Invision are my prototyping tools of choice but I’m not afraid to jump in and create an HTML prototype if that’s what is necessary.

Front-End Development

I’ve always been a believer that designers should know how to code or have a good understanding of development. I find myself looking ahead to how a design could be built. My knowledge of code has also been useful when working with development to fine-tune the final product.

I took my first coding course in 9th grade when I learned Basic and Visual Basic. Since then I’ve always had a knack for learning code quickly. In college, I took courses geared towards frontend development and it’s been invaluable.


Sketch App
Invision Craft
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects
Information Architecture

Java Script/JQuery
Pixate Prototyping
Rhino 3D

User Research
Logo & Branding
Art Direction/Styleguide