Welcome to the Salesforce section of my portfolio! I currently work as a dedicated UX Design Lead at Salesforce Service Cloud. My focus revolves around enhancing agent experiences and refining setup and enablement functionalities.

Outside of my core work area, I have also been involved in establishing and running the Salesforce Setup Design Council. This group’s goal is to break down siloed thinking, streamlining and standardizing the setup experience for administrators, resulting in a more intuitive interface.

My journey at Salesforce encompasses significant contributions in many parts of the product like the Einstein Bot Builder, Slack (Bots integration), and Service Cloud Agent Console. I’ve taken the lead in designing projects like the Einstein Bot Intent Training Tool, dedicated to refining dialogues, eradicating ambiguity, and enhancing the AI model.

Intent Disambiguation Tool

This tool is a key solution for administrators, greatly improving the Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities of bots. It tackles a major issue in bot communication: correctly understanding conversations when many requests sound alike. The tool includes an easy-to-understand visual display, developed with our data science team, which helps administrators identify and fix confusing or unclear requests that the bot struggles with. This not only makes it easier to categorize these requests but also allows administrators to adjust or remove them, leading to better decision-making by the bot.
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Einstein Bots Modularity

In bot development, the Einstein Bot Modular Construction System offers a new, efficient way to build bots. It addresses the repetitive aspects of creating bots by providing administrators with a range of ready-made templates and components. This changes how bots are traditionally made. My contribution to this project was to create a straightforward setup process, making it easy for administrators to add new components to their bots. This has significantly sped up the process of building bots, allowing administrators to spend more time on how the bots are used and less on the building process, thus saving time and resources.

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Designing for Salesforce

My experience in the design team at Salesforce has been exceptional. Working alongside a group of highly skilled and passionate individuals has been truly motivating. At Salesforce, designers are not only tasked with creating visually appealing and functional interactions but also with leading teams and influencing business partners.

During my tenure at Salesforce, I have significantly developed my skills. I’ve become adept at storytelling and clearly explaining my design choices. Leading and participating in workshops and collaborative sessions has broadened my understanding of all aspects of UX design. I’ve had the opportunity to lead while not holding a manger title. I currently chair a monthly cross-functional design meeting that focuses on improving collaboration and enhancing the Salesforce setup experience.

I am grateful for the continuous opportunities for growth and development provided by Salesforce.  My roles have varied from being an individual contributor to managing teams, and I am confidently progressing towards a more people-centric management role while still contributing to the high-level product direction.