Aprimo Marketing Operations


Aprimo specializes in providing top-tier marketing operations solutions, empowering marketers to excel in their field. As a leader in this category, Aprimo offers tools that effectively manage the core aspects of marketing: planning, budgeting, content creation, distribution, and performance analysis. The comprehensive suite offered by Aprimo enhances the efficiency, accountability, and value of marketing investments.

In my role, I collaborate closely with the Product team, following an Agile/Scrum methodology to develop designs that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. My responsibilities include creating wireframes and mock-ups that adhere to our brand’s visual and textual guidelines. I also establish and document design standards for our products. Additionally, I create interactive HTML prototypes and click-through presentations for client demonstrations, as required.

During my time at Aprimo, I honed my skills in integrating motion into design, significantly enhancing the presentation of concepts to our executives. The ability to demonstrate high-fidelity prototypes that closely mimicked the functionality of the final product proved to be a valuable asset in effectively conveying our ideas. 

A notable project involved the development of a budget widget card designed for dashboard integration. Faced with spatial limitations, my focus was on innovating ways to seamlessly transition users between various data points within the constrained area. This initiative was among several concepts I explored to optimize user experience in a compact interface.