I am Tamba Samba, an experienced UX Designer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Originally from Liberia, West Africa, I moved to the United States at the age of three to escape the civil war in my home country. Growing up in Indianapolis, I pursued my education at sporting powerhouse Ben Davis High School and earned a soccer scholarship to the University of Notre Dame, where I played for four years as part of the Fighting Irish men’s soccer team. My studies focused on Industrial Design and CAPP. After graduation, I pursued a professional soccer contract in Norway but returned to the U.S. due to an injury that required surgery. During my recovery, I secured my first job after school, starting my professional design career in the NBA with the Indiana Pacers.

Presently, I am a UX Design Lead at Salesforce Service Cloud, concentrating on improving agent experiences and refining product setup functionalities. My significant contribution has been reshaping how businesses approach customer service. I initiated the development of a user-friendly conversation component within the agent console, empowering service agents to engage customers seamlessly across various messaging channels. Additionally, I played a key role in establishing the Salesforce Setup Design Council, aiming to streamline and standardize the setup process for administrators.

Career Trajectory

In my career, I’ve navigated diverse industries and pivotal roles that honed my leadership skills. It all started with managing Pacers.com and Feverbasketball.com in the NBA, where I oversaw teams and ensured seamless game day operations through seasonal hires.

Transitioning to consumer products at Angie’s List, I spearheaded the design of their inaugural Pro app. Later, at Aprimo Marketing Operations, I crafted designs for Fortune 500 companies after a major rebrand. Returning to Angie’s List, I led design teams, streamlining processes and aiding the company’s rebrand to Angi before pursuing my startup ambition at DeliverEnd.

At DeliverEnd, I led design initiatives, relishing the dynamic startup environment. A compelling opportunity at Salesforce beckoned me next.

At Salesforce Service Cloud, I am a UX Design Lead, creating innovations in customer service experiences by empowering agents with intuitive conversation tools across multiple channels.

Outside of these roles, I led the ANGI Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council, and work on affordable sports and education initiatives through my nonprofit Next Academy. I co-founded COSA, which brings augmented reality to artists and businesses.

A Well-Rounded UX Designer
My diverse experiences have honed my skills as a full-stack UX designer, adept at engaging in all stages of design and product development. I possess a comprehensive understanding of UX processes, methodologies, design systems, and front-end development languages. Striving to deliver clean, usable designs that captivate users without trouble is my strength.

Beyond Design

Design is my passion, yet life encompasses more. I love spending time with family, exploring new music, playing or watching soccer, and taking on new DIY projects. As a technologist and futurist, I possess an innate ability to foresee innovations and trends, often conceptualizing ideas year ahead of their market debut. I take pride in my leadership roles in nonprofits and startups while relishing moments on the soccer field or traveling with my family.

For more insights into my work or to discuss potential collaborations, feel free to reach out. Thank you for visiting my portfolio