DeliverEnd, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a tech startup focused on last-mile delivery solutions. Initially conceived as a means to mitigate the risks associated with in-person transactions on social marketplaces, the company aimed to provide a secure platform for users. I enthusiastically aligned myself with their mission, deeply believing in the significance of their goals, particularly amidst the early stages of the pandemic.

Joining DeliverEnd as the Head of Design, I was charged with designing for the Android and iOS products. Our other core objective revolved around establishing a B2B delivery portal tailored to meet the burgeoning demand for delivery services, catering to various industries including businesses and hospitals.

Although I really enjoyed the startup’s vibrant environment, an extraordinary opportunity arose at Salesforce, specifically within the Salesforce Einstein Bot Builder team.

B2B Delivery Portal

During my time at DeliverEnd, I significantly contributed to the development and launch of a B2B delivery portal and played a key role in shaping the new mobile app. Recognizing the increased demand for local delivery and courier services during the pandemic, we adapted our platform to meet these needs. This involved creating a web portal that allowed businesses to easily place orders for deliveries, ensuring that all necessary details were captured to assign the appropriate driver.

My experience at DeliverEnd was a testament to the dynamic and forward-thinking environment of the startup world, where I could actively engage in creating and implementing novel solutions to real-world challenges.

Sample DeliverEnd Work

One of the aspects I valued most at DeliverEnd was the company’s openness to innovation. For instance, I designed a concept to address a common issue faced by our drivers: handling loads that were either too large or required more manpower than available. In my proposal we would implement AI technology to scan and estimate the size and weight of objects, we would be able to provide more accurate load assessments. This innovation not only improved our service efficiency but also ensured a better match between drivers and delivery loads.