This portfolio serves as a culmination of my journey, featuring a selection of projects that reflect my dedication and expertise in user experience design. Each showcased project represents not just creative effort, but the culmination of countless hours devoted to perfecting the art of UX. My aim is for these projects to offer a glimpse into my design philosophy and demonstrate the versatility of my skill set. Thank you for exploring and taking the time to visit—it’s a pleasure to share my work with you.

As a UX Design Lead within Salesforce, my primary focus centers on enhancing Agent experiences and streamlining Setup functionalities. My academic journey began at the University of Notre Dame, where I pursued studies in Industrial Design and Computer Applications (CAPP). I bring an adaptable design perspective, paired with a dedicated work ethic and a continuous quest for knowledge, enriching the collaborative potential within any team.



“Always be a good person, surround yourself with good people.

Follow your passion, be passionate about anything you do.

Persevere, fight and fight for what you want. Never give up until it’s yours.”

-Keith Embray