Footwear Design


A Short while after graduation I was approached to design some early concepts for an up-and-coming footwear brand. The wanted to create college branded Chucks Taylor and Van like shoes. I created a few early basic concepts with simple repeating logos but

Shortly after graduating, I was approached to design early concepts for a new footwear brand. The concept involved creating college-branded shoes similar to Chuck Taylor and Vans. Footwear design had always fascinated me since childhood; I dreamt of designing soccer boots for Nike or Adidas. Given the opportunity by Notre Dame Alumni, I eagerly embraced the chance.

Initially, I developed standard concepts with simple repeating logos, aiming for a timeless appeal. As interest grew, we pitched to numerous schools, leading me to create dynamic concepts that helped secure funding for production and placement in stores. For a brief period, these shoes were available in the Notre Dame bookstore. It’s fulfilling to see something I worked on being sold in team stores nationwide. You can pick up your pair here.